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Meet the great Chef at his 1 Michelin starred restaurant and follow him to buy fresh and local ingredients necessary for the cooking class. The Chef will guide and oversee the cooking lesson, illustrating the best techniques to handle and cook the dishes freely adapted and designed by the new "chefs for one day". Through the interplay of flavors and senses, the kitchen will become the stage where to observe team dynamics, leadership skills and the ability to find solutions quickly. Lunch or dinner with beverages is included.

You will meet the Chef in Siracusa at Ortigia and follow him to the historic open market to buy all the ingredients necessary for the cooking class, which is held in a typical Sicilian kitchen. The dishes you've prepared will be served with the right Sicilian wine and Sicilian desserts.

A visit with the chef to the traditional market “La Pescheria”, in the heart of Catania, where breathing the sea smell, you will buy all the ingredients for the cooking class held in a local restaurant. All your five senses will be completely involved during this experience. With all the fresh ingredients bought at the market you will prepare four different dishes: a starter, a main course “primo”, and dessert. Little breaks during the lesson give a chance to taste typical products and sparkling wines. Lunch and beverages are included.

Departure from Siracusa area. Arrival in Acate and tour of the Valle dell'Acate Winery. The estate covers over 100 hectares and a large part of it, from 2001 to today, has been replanted with the area's top varieties and with international varieties. Valle dell'Acate is able to produce a range of prized, modern and radiant wines such as: Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOC, Moro, Frappato, Insolia, Bidis and the most recent Tané. All these wines are obtained by selecting the best bunches during the major harvest. Lunch (not included) in Ragusa Ibla to admire picturesque lanes and narrow streets, with many old workshops. You will visit St. George's Church and taste typical Sicilian products at Isola nell'Isola. Return to the Hotel.

Departure from Siracusa area. Arrival at Planeta Buonivini, nearby the late-Baroque towns of Noto and Modica. The Buonivini Estate takes its name, still in use today, from the ancient district where it is located. The grape varieties grown here are Nero d'Avola and Moscato Bianco. These are used to make the Santa Cecilia DOC Noto and Passito di Noto DOC which are vinified in the "Invisible Wine Cellar". This estate is characterized by an eco-friendly atmosphere. Wine tasting and later lunch in Marzamemi, a charming fishing village. Here you will have the chance to buy local products related to the processing of tuna. Tasting included. Return to the Hotel.

Pick up at the hotel in Siracusa. Transfer to the south-east area of Sicily through the late Baroque Towns, whose heritage, both for importance and beauty, have been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. The first stop will be Scicli to visit “Gli Aromi Farm” where the owner Enrico will meet us. This farm cultivates autochthon plants and aromatic herbs and holds an important leadership position in sales and marketing, focusing on local species of the Sicilian coast and in particular of the Iblean area. The farm produces more than 120 different varieties of plants and herbs using old traditional methods of manual cultivation. We will sample the different varieties of herbs and enjoy their cooking use for lunch that includes other local products. Transfer during the afternoon to visit Modica on your own and admire picturesque lanes and narrow streets with many old workshops, and the Church of st. George. Visit to the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, the oldest pastry shop of Sicily, to taste the famous chocolate of Modica. The pastry Chef will explain the secrets of Modican Chocolate, which is produced with only two ingredients, cacao and sugar. Drive to Ragusa Ibla and enjoy typical sicilan products in the historical centre (included). Return to Siracusa and drop off at your hotel.

Pick up at your hotel in Siracusa Area. This morning we will head for Baroque area of Sicily, whose heritage, both for importance and for beauty, has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO Drive to Noto and meet with confectioner Corrado Assenza a true master of his craft. He will dazzle us with a tasting of his many products (ice creams, jams, sauces) and serve us a tasting combining all of these in an exciting combination of flavors. Visit Noto on your own. Then will continue to Modica and enjoy this charming town with full of picturesque lanes and narrow streets, shops and cafes. We will have a walking tour of the town, including a visit to the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, the oldest confectionary shop of Sicily and taste the very famous chocolate of Modica. The owner Pierpaolo Ruta will explain the secrets of Modican Chocolate, that is produced with just two ingredients, cacao and sugar. Drive to Ragusa Ibla to visit the baroque site with our driver guide and return in Siracusa.

Pick up and departure for Lentini to visit the famous Giardino del Biviere a unique Mediterranean garden, the tour is held by the owner Princess Maria Carla Borghese. According to legend here Hercules, son of Zeus, gave as a gift to Cecere, the Goddess of harvest, the skin of the Nemean Lion he had defeated. Once he arrived in Lestrigoni, the little town where the Goddess Cecere lived, he created from dry and desolate land a lake that was named after him: Lacunus Erculeus. This lake, today surrounded by rich vegetation and animal life, was dried out in the 1930’s in order to defeat the malaria disease. Today, thanks to its local community love for plants, it has been turned into a unique and picturesque mediterranean garden. The old south-facing port shows an extraordinary collection of plants, Cactaceae Variety, growing on the carefully and restored jetties to form a gangway of greenery. Princess Borghese will be happy to enjoy with you a cocktail before your return to the hotel.

9. Bike tour from Siracusa
Intinerary 1:
Sport – with road bikes – 55 km Pickup from Syracuse harbor and transfer to departure point for cycling. You start cycling just outside of Syracuse to avoid the traffic of the city. Once we have left the city, the roads will be yours! The tour passes by the small village of Solarino in direction Anapo Valley on rolling hills. After about 20 km you start a quite challenging 5 km long climb with hair pin curves up to Sortino. Stop in Sortino for a break. From Sortino you ride on the crest of the Sicani moutain. Beautiful views of the coast to the city of Syracuse. Then you start a fast descent, again with some hair pin curves, to the Anapo river bridge and return to Syracuse. Depending on fitness level 2 – 3 hours biking with possibilities for stops at the Anapo Valle (Necropolis of Pantalica) and Sortino..
Intinerary 2:
Leisure – with city/trekking bikes – 36 km Pickup from Syracuse harbor and transfer to Palazzolo Acreide (45 min drive). You start cycling in Palazzolo Acreide slightly down hill until Testa dell’Acqua, and further down to the Monastery of Madonna della Scala through the breathtaking landscape of the Iblei Mountains. After passing the Salitello bridge, you arrive in Noto Antica (the ancient town of Noto destroyed by the tremendous 1693 hearthquake). From Noto Antica you will ride down to the modern city of Noto, “Jewel of Stone", a masterpiece of architecture and bright example of the most beautiful Sicilian baroque style. Transfer to Syracuse. 2 – 3 hours of relaxed biking with enough time for photo-stops.

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