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Excursion Food and Wine from Agrigento

Arrival at Regaleali, one of the most important wine-producing estates in Sicily. Here in the Cooking School of Fabrizia and Anna Tasca Lanza, located in the middle of the vineyards, you will experience a special cooking class held by an amazing teacher and cookbook author. The Chef will share her knowledge of local cuisine and its history in order to let you learn how to prepare the caponata, the arancini and the cannoli with sweet ricotta cheese. A special tour of the vineyards and of the wine cellars enjoying good wines.

Meet the owners Silvia and Giuseppe for a tour of the Olive Oil Estate and of the oil mill. The farm has a long tradition of specialized cultivations and the love and the care for the land have been passed down from one generation to another. Today, after a land reclamation, 40 hectares are dedicated to olive trees, with extremely innovative cultivation techniques. The tour includes a special Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting with Giuseppe. OPTIONAL: Silvia holds special cooking classes for her guests, emphasizing typical local ingredients and recipes of the Sicilian tradition, revealing the secrets of Sicilian cuisine. Her favorite recipes are anelletti al forno (baked rings pasta), pasta con le sarde (pasta with sardines), polpettone (Italian meatloaf), stir-fry specialities and desserts with almonds or sweet ricotta cheese. Lunch or Dinner is included.

Departure from Agrigento area. Arrival at the Tasca d'Almerita Regaleali Estate, which is a fine wine producing estate with an aristocratic background. It was founded in 1830 and since then it has been considered the milestone of high quality wine production. Visit at the winery and tasting of their best award winning wines during lunch. Return to Agrigento.

Departure from Agrigento. Arrival at Feudo Arancio Winery, constructed in the traditional baglio style. The mix of state-of-the-art technology and traditional architecture of the winery reflects the style of the final product. Arancio cultivates its own grapes in two large estates along the windy south coast of the island. A total of 1,700 acres of estate vineyards are planted in single varietal fields in order to offer 100% single varietal wines to the final consumer. Then drive to Sambuca di Sicilia and visit Planeta winery, founded in 1995 on the banks of Lake Arancio and is surrounded by vineyards and a native olive tree grove. You'll tour the production facility, visit the aging cellar and have a tasting of four different wines paired with local lunch. Finally drive to Selinunte to visit the Archeological park on your. Return at your hotel.

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